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our Survey 01

i) Command Area survey of irrigation projects includes, collection of data such as, Village maps, Revenue record.

ii) Taking spot levels with Total station survey /GPS.

iii) Preparing contour maps super imposed on village maps.

iv) Detail analysis of Command area.

v) Preparing computerised drawing through Auto Cad.

our Survey 02

i)Taking L sections of Canal, Road with details of cross drainage works. Crossing of canal road, River, Nalla with striates details visible.

our Survey 03

i) Laying curves on ground for canal Road, in with measurements.

our Survey 04

i) Demarcation of town ships or demarcation survey number.

our Survey 05

i) Alignment and designing of Canal , Road & Railway Line.

our Survey 06

i) Alignment of Distribution Systems.

our Survey 07

Computer Drawings We provide following drawings.
i) Contour Plan, village mapping, with spot levels
ii) Distribution network drawings.
iii) Command plans with contours.
iv) Road plan with contour
v) Canal & Distribution Network Plan.

our Survey 08

i) Qualified engineering staff and survey staff

our Survey 09